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Samantha Greenfield

Strasburg, Virginia 22657

​​​​​​​​Tel: 1-540-335-0095


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Samantha M. Greenfield

338 Sand Ridge Road Toms Brook, VA 22660

(p)540-335-0095 (e)

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I am thrilled to hear from you!

Samantha emphasizes her commitment to providing personalized attention and quality service for your wedding. Here's what she communicates:

  1. Dedication and Time Commitment:

    • Samantha expresses her dedication to reviewing your wedding details thoroughly. She acknowledges her schedule, which includes a full-time job and weddings most weekends during peak season.

  2. Response Time:

    • She requests understanding regarding response times, asking for up to 48 hours to reply to inquiries or communications. This ensures she can provide valuable information and feedback without rushing the process.

  3. Assurance of Quality:

    • Samantha assures you that if you choose to work with her, you can expect exceptional floral designs and a rewarding collaboration.

  4. Request for Checklist Completion:

    • She reminds you to complete and return the Wedding Flower Checklist, found on the "Planning & Budgeting" page. This information is crucial for Samantha to tailor her services to best meet your needs and preferences.

By setting clear expectations and emphasizing her dedication to delivering exceptional service, Samantha aims to ensure a positive and fulfilling experience as you plan for your special day together.

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